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Interpretation Services


Simultaneous interpretation during conferences

Two simultaneous interpreters sit in a sound-proof booth installed inside or outside of the event room, alternating every twenty minutes. Each participant may select the language in which to follow the event by setting the correct channel on his/her headset.

In addition to providing our conference interpreters, we also offer full technical support: organising multiple conferences and meetings on the same day, including leasing and purchasing of our conference and simultaneous interpretation equipment.

Consecutive interpretation for smaller events

The interpreter listens to the speaker’s speech and interprets it into the requested language bit by bit or once the speaker has finished his/her speech. Consecutive interpretation is ideal for bilateral meetings, working lunches, field visits, tours and such.

Relay – interpretation between two languages through a third language

When a speaker speaks in a language which is not the working language of an interpreter sitting in one booth, that booth is then connected (by audio link) to the second both with interpreters speaking the language. It is from the second booth that the relay is taken without any impact on the quality of the interpretation.


Whisper interpretation – simultaneous interpretation by whisper or quiet speech

The interpreter is seated in-between or around the listeners, interpreting simultaneously to them by whispering into their ears or quietly speaking to them. This form of interpretation is typically used in bilateral meetings for a small number of listeners or groups who do not speak the language used in the meeting.

If such meetings include tours, our portable wireless tour-guide system would be the perfect solution.