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Conference Organising & Equipment


As a regional centre, EuroContract provides everything for a successful conference, seminar, roundtable, business meeting or talk for 10 to 1,000 participants.

We can help you choose the most suitable event halls in and outside of Belgrade and provide you with full conference equipment, equipment for simultaneous interpretation, audio and video conference recording, presentation equipment (large projection screens and 2,000 – 20,000 ANSI Lumens projectors, LCD TV-monitors), accommodation, and transportation.

If you would rather opt for a small venue, consider renting our own Translation Centre. It can hold up to 50 people, and it is a great place to host or attend webinars and online conferences.

The quantity and the quality of our equipment and systems as well as the number of available interpreters allow us to cover multiple events on the same day at different locations, whether they are held on-site, virtually or as a combination of the two. Check our Gallery for photos of our equipment and the types of events we can cover. For the latest updates, please visit our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Audio system

Speakers, mixer, wireless and table microphones

Conference microphone systems


  • BOSCH DCN – CCU 2, total of 2 systems with a total of 32 conference microphones – 1+31 channels
  • GONSIN TL – VC6000 Digital Discussion & Interpretation System, total of 4 systems with a total of 110 conference microphones – 1+5 channels
  • BOSCH, total of 2 systems with a total of 32 conference microphones – 1+2 channels

The supreme sound quality of these systems makes them the clients’ first choice when organising high-level meetings.

It is possible to connect these systems and use all 174 conference microphones at one event. One or two pairs of headphones can be connected to a single microphone. These systems can also be used to listen to simultaneous interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation systems – wireless

  • BOSCH DCN – CCU2 (INT-TX08) 8-channel IR transmitter with 8-channel LBB-4540/08 IR receivers with headphones
  • GONSINTL – VC6000 Digital Discussion & Interpretation System, 6-channel IR receivers with headphones
  • EuroContract 4 – channel analogue system with 4-channel IR headphones (ISO 33.160 and IEC 60914 standards)
  • EuroContract 2 – channel analogue system with 2-channel IR headphones (ISO 33.160 and IEC 60914 standards)

Interpreter booths POLYTCAB® 2100 and 2170 of the highest technical standards

Our portable booths meet all categories of the ISO-4043 standard.

Portable wireless tour-guide system

Our lightweight, multi-channel system was designed for in-door and out-door group tours. As it blocks all noise and frequency interference, it is perfect for guided tours and bilateral meetings with simultaneous interpretation.

BUY our equipment under the best terms

  • directly
  • by leasing

Buying the equipment includes:

  • a 12-month warranty
  • free repair during the warranty period
  • spare parts