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Remote Interpreting


If you are hosting an online or a hybrid event (in part on-site, in part virtual) while your speakers and participants are in different locations around the world, we are the perfect partner for you! Our unique value lies in our specialised conference systems at the Translation Centre which are compatible with Webex, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, SpotMe, and other major streaming and virtual event platforms. By connecting our systems to your platform of choice, you get a better quality and clarity of the sound and the audio signal than from an individual interpreter’s laptop in a home equipment set-up.

That is why we insist that our simultaneous and consecutive interpreters work from our Centre, using the best available conference and simultaneous interpreting equipment. While they are focusing on rendering the speakers’ messages into the target language, our in-house technicians are monitoring the technical side of things because no online platform alone can give the best remote interpreting experience without a full conference system infrastructure and two non-stop high-speed internet connections such as the ones we have at our Centre.