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Legal Services


With several in-house qualified lawyers with international experience, we offer a complete package of legal services in the following areas:

Commercial and corporate law

  • forming companies and foreign company branches
  • drafting articles of association and other company documents
  • company registration with the Serbian Business Registers Agency
  • consultations and legal opinions on business (management) matters
  • representation in negotiations

Employment law

  • drafting all types of employment contracts
  • drafting employer’s rulebooks, regulations, policy documents, code of conduct, act on organisational structure and job systematisation, etc.
  • consultations and legal opinions on all employment law matters

 Civil (procedure) law

  • drafting agreements
  • legal representation when concluding contracts and giving legal opinions on contracts
  • initiating probate proceedings
  • drafting execution petitions
  • initiating and conducting procedures before the national authorities (cadastre, secretariats, state-owned companies...)
  • legal representation in misdemeanour cases

Tax law

  • preparing and reviewing tax returns
  • consultations and representation in proceedings before the tax authorities
  • reviewing tax documents
  • consultations and legal opinions on taxable income, property tax, etc.